Visual Arts

Aims and development focus:

1. Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE)

The curriculum design for HKDSE has specifically catered to individual differences, in line with the unique learning and teaching model of school-based assessment for the subject, and the focus of strategy is “catering for learner differences”. The measures adopted by the school are that it will continuously review the results DSE, and improve the ratio of school overall pass rate as referred to territory-wide level for analysis. From school-based assessment of individual research work to public examinations, the school implements quality-assured teaching, so that students with better potential or lesser ability can obtain their goals for success. As such, the division of study helps lay the foundation and opportunities for students who are interested in further study for art to be accepted to the School of Design and Art.


2. Art Activities

The team heritage as "Sand-Castle Competition" is the unique culture of school activity for visual arts. In fact, the school has won numerous championships for more than 10 years and achieved brilliant results in terms of sand-castle. Besides, the division has actively participated in community-based art activities and made good use of community or extra-school resources, such as charity art activities, artist-in-residence programmes, art-master class workshops, and Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition. By means of trying a variety of artistic experiences, students are expanded of their horizons, improved of their artistic literacy, so that they can make innovative breakthroughs. Artistic activities help students to expand their horizons and experiences, and also cultivate their care for community and association, so that they can appreciate, practice, and feel about the malleability of artistic contribution.


3. Campus Beautification

Visual Arts Visions has always shouldered the major responsibility, making use of the characteristics of the division to further carry out "Campus Beautification Project", to recruit types of students to participate in the production of murals or various beautification activities in school and demonstrate their potentials to strengthen their sense of belonging to school. "Campus Beautification Project" is a public art, and it nurtures and inspires students to cherish public property, and enhances the cultivation of moral and civic education. As such, students should then realize to appreciate and care for environment, and cherish resources and other correct values, including "perseverance", "caring" and "spirit of commitment.” Among these projects, "80 Teachers and Students as Volunteers Strive to Beautify Campus in Collaboration" – both the teachers and students worked hand in hand in a mere 3 hours, and they had successfully painted a new façade for the school, helping to add more bright colors to Man Kiu College.


4. External publicity

The school has persistently exhibited student works at community galleries at various MTR stations (such as Lam Tin, Fortress Hill, Chai Wan, North Point, etc.). Aside from commending and enhancing the self-confidence of participant students, it has also helped to offer a sense of identity and belonging to school staff, teachers, students and alumni towards the school; more importantly, for people outside the school, it helps promote school image. Furthermore, since it coincides with school anniversary, the division has, as well, conceptualized an overall design outline for school anniversary, such as the anniversary logo of Man Kiu, poster of the open day, design of the commemorative special issue, and the creation of murals.

Art works of the Visual Arts subject


Art works of the Visual Arts subject