Tourism And Hospitality


(a) To allow students to enhance their awareness of the importance of the tourism and hospitality industry to our society, the nation and the world;

(b) Acquire comprehensive understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry, in particular the tourism system and aspects of hospitality skills, and personal qualities and attitudes that are valued by the industry;

(c) Recognise the importance of their role as host residents in contributing towards the tourism and hospitality industry;

(d) Develop the intellectual capacity for life-long learning through the application of relevant concepts and knowledge in THS to daily situations;

(e) Appreciate the positive values and attitudes that contribute to the sustainability of the tourism and hospitality industry; and

(f) Explore pathways for further studies in post-secondary institutions and for career development in the tourism and hospitality industry.


It is consisted of five major topics, including:


(1) Introduction to Tourism

(2) Introduction to Hospitality

(3) Destination Geogrpahy

(4) Customer Relations and Services, and

(5) Trends and Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


Through class teaching and field visits, students are introduced to the design and operation of institutions as hotels, restaurants, attractions, and theme parks. Also, students will also engage in a variety of learning activities in and out of the classroom, so that they can experience the working conditions confronted by staff in tourism and hospitality industry, which helps them to carry out their professional development in the future.




Activity photos of tourism and hospitality studies: