Message from Principal (September)


The new school year has just begun, and we are eagerly welcoming this year filled with opportunities. We will focus on three important developmental directions throughout this new academic year, along with the moral theme of “Commitment and Integrity”. Our school’s teaching team is fully committed, working together with great dedication to cultivate students to “embrace their talents and achieve lifelong success”!


Firstly, we are dedicated to helping students discover their own strengths and boosting their self-confidence. Each student is unique, and our goal is to assist them in uncovering their talents and potential. This process is not just about academic achievements but also personal growth and self-assurance. We will provide ample opportunities, training, and support to ensure that every student can find their strengths in academics, arts, sports, and more, while building stronger self-confidence along the way.


Secondly, we are keen on fostering students’ self-learning abilities to enable lifelong learning. The real world is filled with changes and challenges, and our students need to possess the ability to learn independently to meet future demands. We will ignite their curiosity, inspire their exploration of knowledge, develop their problem-solving skills, and teach them to gain growth from failure. Lifelong learning is not just a skill; it is a mindset, and we expect every student to become someone who continually learns and improves.


Furthermore, we are determined to help students establish a healthy lifestyle and enhance their well-being. While academics are important, physical and mental health should not be overlooked. Besides encouraging students to maintain exercise routines and balanced diets, we also emphasize a positive outlook on life and self-actualization as the core of a healthy lifestyle. This means that students will learn to view challenges and difficulties as opportunities for self-improvement and development, rather than obstacles. They will learn to cherish each day, face the future with optimism, and strive to achieve their dreams and goals. This positive outlook will empower them to overcome adversity and enhance their inner sense of happiness. This is exactly what the younger generation needs the most.


This year’s moral education theme is “Commitment and Integrity”. This theme reminds us to uphold the right values, take responsibility, and always remain honest and upright. We hope that our students will become morally upright individuals in both school and society, making positive contributions to the nation and the world.


Finally, our school has been honored with the “Caring Campus” award for eighteen consecutive years, and there is no doubt about the care and encouragement our school team provides to students. We believe that every student has unlimited potential, and we will spare no effort in providing them with the best support and opportunities to help them experience success and fulfillment in their academics and personal lives. We aim to nurture individuals, so they have inner strength and a sense of purpose. My team and I are fully committed and united in our efforts for the holistic development and happiness of our students, and we will witness their growth and success together. I wish everyone a joyful and successful academic year!