Life And Society




to develop in students a positive self understanding, enhance competence to meet daily and future challenges, and pursue their goals and aspirations;



to enable students to make decisions for the optimal use of personal and community resources;



to develop students to become informed and responsible citizens to contribute to the development of a caring and just society; and



to cultivate in students sensitivity, interests and concern for local, national and global issues.






to understand and accept oneself and to live a healthy life;



to develop effective communication skills with peers, family and others in society, and realise ways to build and maintain positive interpersonal relationships;



to develop an ability to make informed and responsible decisions regarding personal issues and practical short term and long term plans for the achievement of personal goals;



to understand the roles of individuals, enterprises and the government in the economy and how they interplay to determine the distribution and uses of resources;



to develop the skills to interpret and manage data, statistics and information relating to indicators and trends of general economic performances; 



to understand basic features of the political systems at local, national and global dimensions;



to understand features of different social groups and how they interact with each other as well as the governments;



to understand how different levels of communities are connected and interdependent with each other, and to develop the identification of local resident identity, national identity and identity as global citizens;



to understand the perspectives, backgrounds and interests of different groups, and to develop an ability to make informed and reasoned judgments on social issues with due considerations to the different groups;



to develop enthusiasm and readiness for responsible participation in public affairs;



to be ready for self-management and independence, and willing to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes underlying the choices they make;



to understand, appreciate, respect and reflect on the values and attitudes that underpin the local society, including rights and responsibilities, freedom, rule of law, social justice, democracy, equal opportunities, tolerance, plurality, clean, honesty and integrity, upright, compassion and mutuality; and



to develop an attitude of open-mindedness and respect for all peoples, including their cultures, values and ways of life.

Humanity Week Activities:


Showing Empathy in Pandemic,
Fight Against the Virus Together with Songs  

Create a Harmonious Society Hand in Hand

Life and Society: “Show Care and Mutual Respect" Slogan Creation Competition

S1 Parents Class Observation, open class