Support for newly-arrived Students



Through organising diversified activities for newly-arrived students, it is hoped to enhance their self-confidence, which helps them integrate into Hong Kong society and campus culture. 


Specific objectives:



Broaden students' horizons, and enhance their self-efficacy as well as problem-solving skills


Improve interpersonal communication skills, and build up favorable social relationships


Establish positive self-worth

4. Increase students' understanding towards the society of Hong Kong and campus
5. Consolidate students' English foundation, and enhance their English proficiency as well as confidence in learning English.



Implementation situation:



Arrange dedicated teachers and social workers to take care of newly-arrived students' growing needs and adaptability.


Through group activities, games, home visits and field trips, etc., they help newly-arrived students establish a supportive network to adapt to life in Hong Kong and school.

3. Employ off-campus tutors to hold English remedial classes for newly-arrived students.


Land and Sea Challenge Day Camp   Ocean Park Study Day
"Cantonese and Traditional Chinese Characters" Programme   "Action of Equal Sharing"
Group activities