School Facilities

The school is located on Braemar Hill, enjoys the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour and Lion Rock Mountain. The school is located in a quiet and green neighbourhood. Our 10-storey high school building is separated into left and right wings which provide abundant space for learning.


The school building covers an area of 70,000 square feet, with 26 classrooms and 26 special rooms, including Student Corner, Multi-Learning Centre, STEAM ZONE, Computer Assisted Learning Room, Applied Learning Room, English Hub, Chinese Language Room, Mathematics Room, Library, Self Study Room, Dance Studio, Student Activity Centre, Multi-purpose Learning Room, Conference Room, Student Association Room, PTA Room, and Social Worker Rooms. All school classrooms, special rooms, and School Hall are equipped with air-conditioning, computers, LCD projectors and interactive touchscreens. The school is also equipped with diversified sports facilities including

1 multi-purpose basketball court

2 badminton courts

1 small football field

1 covered playground

The school has also installed an elevator to cater for students with special needs.


   First Floor   


Visual Art Room
Design & Technology Room
Computer Assisted Learning Room
Music Room
Music Room
Student Activity Centre


   Second Floor   


Multimedia Learning Centre
Power Station
Home Economics Room


   Third Floor   


Geography Room
Physics Laboratory
Biology Laboratory
Broadcast Room
Broadcast Room



   Fourth Floor   


Student Corner
Student Corner
Student Corner


   Fifth Floor   


WeCan Zone
Self Study Room


   Sixth Floor   


Science Laboratory
 Chemistry Laboratory


   Seventh Floor   


English Hub