The subject is aimed to cultivate student interest in Putonghau as well as train them in terms of enhancing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Since we have quite a number of newly-arrived students, we have emphasized on training students in translation between Cantonese and Putonghua in recent years. Furthermore, inter-class performance activities are held in each level to improve their interests in the subject; for instance, S1 level: recitation; S2 level: singing competition; S3 level: talents performance. Through these activities, students can then discover the bright spots of their potentials.


Introduction to recitation video: 


Every year, many students will sign up to participate in Putonghua recitation competition. But for this year, the competition format has been changed because of the pandemic, and it is conducted in in the form of video. The performances of the following three students are quite wonderful, and they include:

1. S3 Lai-class, To Kam Yan - 85 points

2. S4, Lai-class, Yeung Tsz Yi - 85 points

3. S2, Lai-class Chan Ngai Yun - 84 points









In terms of Chinese language, the Chinese and Putonghua subjects have arranged 5 activities for our students. One of the activities is tying knots as if dragonfly skims over the water, and students had to introduce the aforementioned method and process of tying knots in Putonghua, while knots rendered are also very beautiful.