Physics is the science to analyze natural phenomena and appreciate its rules. The programmes of basic physics programme in secondary schools include heat, mechanics, wave science, electricity, and radiation phenomena, etc, whose purpose is to cultivate students with the ability to analyze the principles behind natural phenomena, and discover and solve problems.



Further studies and career pathways


If students choose to attend the subject, it would be conducive for them to make it to related programmes and majors in science, engineering and medicine in university/college. Besides, there are also other junior college that emphasizes basic mathematical calculation and reasoning skills, such as business administration, economics, accounting, etc. for students to choose. In recent years, the world and even Hong Kong have vigorously promoted STEM innovation and technology. As such, career pathways and future possibilities for students who choose the subject will be much better than before, and they can also work in the fields as innovation and technology, robotics research and development, and smart cities or various types of engineering.



Interesting topics


They include: Why do you need to wear light-colored clothing in summer? Why would objects thrown from high altitude hurt people, but not raindrops (which also fall from high altitudes)? How does tsunami come about? How is electricity generated? How powerful are gamma rays? ..., As for the electives, they include "Energy and Its Uses" and "Medical Physics", and many everyday life examples and applications will be taught in classes.



Learning Activities


Students have to do experiments and use their knowledge to explain different physical phenomena. Besides, to enhance student interest for the subject, the subject has co-organized STEAM activities with other subjects (including mathematics, science, chemistry, biology, design and technology, and information and communication technology), respectively as robotics competitions, bridge-building competitions, Maths activities for information day as well as Maths Week activity, etc., to popularize scientific knowledge.