Promotion of Reading

We are committed to providing a comfortable reading environment and creating a good reading atmosphere for students.




  • To improve the learning effectiveness of students, we develop students’ interest in reading and build up the reading culture in school. Also, we equip students with self-learning skills.
  • To improve the effectiveness of teaching, teachers teaching different subjects organize different cross-curricular activities. At the same time, we encourage students to join off-campus competitions, so that they can strengthen their self-confidence and improve their learning motivation
  • To cultivate positive thinking, we hold book fairs to expose students to books with positive values and inculcate them with a correct outlook for life. A series of essay writing competitions, with the theme of getting along with each other, are held so that students are cultivated of virtues like respect and harmony




Leader:  Miss Tsang Ka Man (Librarian)

Mr Lam Ching Ling

Mr Fong Kong Joseph

Mr Lau Kin Kit

Mr Yeung Yat Hin



Activities and Awards highlights:

Book Fair  

Book Fair


Project WeCan


Online talk


Presentation of awards


Virtual Book Fair


Reading sharing session


Guided-reading activity