Support For New Students

Four Steps of Concern and Care on the First Day of School


1. The class teacher will express special care to transfer students, namely as "Four Steps of Concern and

    Care on the First Day of School”.


2. The class teacher will personally bring the students to the classroom to arrange the seats of new students

    and introduce them to acquaint students of the class. The class teacher will have lunch with new students

     to learn more about their needs and situations. If the new students are eating with other students,

    the class teacher will also talk to the new students during lunchtime.


3. For the time before or after school, the class teacher will check with new students about their class situations

    and feelings throughout the day, and provide assistance when necessary.


4. After the students return home, the class teacher will contact the parents to strengthen home-school



Care and Adaptation Activities


  • At the start of the first term and the beginning of the second term, teachers from the counselling group will work with the school social workers to arrange lunch activities for transfer students at all levels. Besides having lunch with them, there will also be group adaptation activities.


  • Teachers from the counselling group will have interviews with transfer students at all levels, and provide counselling services.