The subject is formulated according to the school-based programmed as stipulated by the curriculum guidelines of EDB. It consists of listening (music appreciation), creation, and performance into account to attract students to learn and deepen their impressions, and master the correct ways of sound production, performance skills and creation ideas. Besides, the programme has integrated extra-curricular activities, so that it can also enhance the music atmosphere on campus as well as increase the opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents, aside from training favorable sound quality of students. With on-campus or off-campus competitions, services, and diverse learning experiences, the division improves student performance standards, develops their diverse skills, and enhances their sense of achievement, so that they should enjoy music the more.


Music curriculum from S2 to S3: 


  • S2to S3: Mainly teach the basic knowledge of music theory, so that students can learn to appreciate music of different ages and play musical instruments, and their performance skills can be trained through singing and playing recorder.



Multiple learning programmes (10 classes):


  • Piano for beginner: Since digital piano has a touch of piano, it can be used to teach piano to satisfy student wish to "learn to play the piano".

  • Guitar class: Satisfy student wish to learn to play the guitar.

  • Percussion instruments class: Learn to play western percussion instruments


Extra-curricular activities:


  • Marching band: Regular classes are held every week to increase music knowledge, and students can participate in different performances and parades to strengthen their confidence and skills. Through activities, students can practice what they have learned to improve their self-confidence. "For details, please refer to the Marching Band webpage"

  • Recorder team: Choose students with strong performance skills to strengthen training, and participate in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, which help lead students to study hard and pursue for excellence. "For details, please refer to the website of HKSMSA"

  • Off-campus concerts: Enjoy music of a different type. "For details, please refer to the website of “HKSMSA”

  • Academic week activities: demonstrate alternative music and broaden student horizons.

    Collaborate with different groups in school to hold different activities, such as singing competitions, old songs and new lyrics competitions, and talent shows to develop different skills of students and showcase their achievements of learning.



Photo clippings of division activities for music