Aims of programme:


The division is designed to help students:


(1) develop an interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues through an economic perspective;

(2) understand the world in which they live through mastery of basic economic knowledge;

(3) enhance their general intellectual capacity for life-long learning, through developing their capacities in

      economic analysis,so that they possess the skills necessary for reasoning about issues and making

      rational choices; and

(4) participate as informed and responsible citizens in the decision-making processes of a modern democratic



Programme features:


Economics study is aimed to cultivate students with the understanding of economic affairs, so that they can master economic concepts and analytical skills. The division encourages students to actively involve, and understand Hong Kong's economic affairs, while students are arranges to join off-campus activities and competitions in economics. Besides, students can come to have an in-depth familiarity and understanding toward Hong Kong's economic activities and financial regulators through visits to the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and Hong Kong Monetary Authority.


Students can develop the ability to explore things from economic perspective, and it helps lay a solid foundation for them to continue their studies in economics in higher education institutions. Also, the emphases of this study are placed on perspectives, knowledge bases, and skills that broaden student choices, helping them to attend management, finance, law and public and social administration at higher education institutions.



Activity photos of Economics: