History of School Establishment

Processes of school establishment


Man Kiu College was founded by Man Kiu Association. In 1970, Fujian community leaders and social elites in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan responded to the calls of fundraising for school establishment. With the support and generous donations, the establishment of Man Ku College became reality.


Since the engineering work and the construction of the school site had been arduous, the school campus was completed until August 1977, while classes officially started in September of the same year. In the beginning, the school was a private and non-profit-making caput secondary school. In September 1986, the school was invited by the Education Bureau (previously known as the Education Department) to turn into a government-funded secondary school. At first, Man Ku College offered S1 to S3 classes. The number of classes then increased year by year. By 1985-86 school year, the school started running classes from S1 to S7 and became a comprehensive grammar school.


Man Kiu College is located on the top of Cloud View Road at North Point, it overlooks Victoria Harbour and Lion Rock in distance. With Braemar Hill Park by the side, the school is located in a quiet neighbourhood which is perfect for education and talent cultivation.



School expansion and School Improvement Programme (SIP)


To meet the needs of school development, the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) started the school expansion plan in 1986. The expansion project included the additional floor on the two wings of school building, 7 new classrooms, a library and a study room. Thanks to the generous donations and strong support from School Supervisor Sally Aw Sian and the participation of teaching staff and students in charity walk around the school, the expansion project was successful carried out. The teaching environment was significantly improved.


The school later received funding from the  Government to carry out School Improvement Programme (SIP). The first phase of the programme was completed in August 2002, with the addition of staff rooms, staff common rooms and a student activity centre. The second phase of the programme was completed in June 2003 with a new computer-assisted learning room, a language room, a multi-purpose room and a meeting room. The conference room, Student association room and elevator for the disabled were renovated to create extra space for teaching and improved the environment for student activities.


Improved School Facilities


Over the years, we have been committed to improving our campus environment and teaching facilities, including the establishment of the Language Laboratory, the Multimedia Learning Centre, the Campus TV Studio. The Dance Studio and two Music Rooms have also been renovated to align with the “Other Learning Experiences (OLE)” and “Applied Learning (ApL)” of New Senior Secondary Curriculum.


In recent years, the school has introduced the "Student Corner", "Multi-Learning Corner", "English Gallery", "STEAM ZONE" and renovated the school library to provide a favourable learning environment and atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching.