A Whole-school Approach to English Learning


Our English teachers always strive to provide a friendly, relaxing and safe environment for our students to learn English. Through the school-based curriculum and the pedagogies we used in teaching English, we believe that students can increase their self-esteem, confidence and competence in using English and thus enhancing their interests and their motivation of learning English.


Subject target

Our target is for our students to develop an ever-improving capability to use English:

• to think and communicate;

• to acquire, develop and apply knowledge; and

• to respond and give expression to experience


Together, English is fun!



English Thursdays
  English Breakfast   English Chit Chat & English Passport  English lunchtime activities



English Gallery & English Avenue



English Football Programme


Man Kiu English Podcas



The English Hub / English Café

  • Lunchtime activities (e.g. Speaking Assistance Programme, English Reading Club, Film Appreciation, etc.)
  • After-school Support and Tutoring (e.g. Writing Doctor, self-learning resources, board games, etc.)


English Week

 Definitely Not University Challenge:

 Inter-house English Contest

 English Mini Drama  English Minefields
Who’s my secret angel? The Promise Wall The English Tree
STEAM Challenge: Tower Building MKC English Olympic Games Close-up Gallery


School-based English Accelerator Programme



Support International Speak Programme


BNP X MKC Annual English Summer Day Camp



Other interactive and fun-filled English learning activities

Radio Man Kiu and English

Audio Drama Production

English Kitchen Overseas English Learning Tour
English Book Fair Book it and Read it

Self-directed English

Listening Programme

Joint School Oral Practice Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Gift Redemption Day
English Drama Production English Fun Fair English Ambassadors