Award Scheme



1. It is aimed to provide a set of practical guidelines for students to follow so that they are encouraged to actively participate in various activities, and achieve balanced growth through an abundant school life to achieve their whole-person education.
2. Enable students to receive certain recognition and award when they have achieved a certain level of achievement.
3. Encourage students to develop independent and self-reliant personalities, and help them improve their self-image and build up self-confidence so that they would ask themselves to actively participate and make progress rather than making comparisons with others





The award scheme is divided into three stages, whereas every stage is found as an academic year. After completion of each stage, students will be presented with certificates, award money, and credit of excellence or merit. Their achievements will also be recorded in the general outline of the Student Learning Portfolio as encouragement.


  1. All school students are given a “Personal Development Award Scheme Record Book” at the beginning of each year so that they can understand scheme details.
  2. Students should join and complete various activities based on the requirements of each stage, and pay attention to their own progress. The class teacher and every teacher will also remind and encourage students to work hard to participate in the scheme.
  3. Students must apply to the relevant teachers one month after they have completed a certain project (except summer vacation), and ask the teachers to recommend and sign for verification. After record, the award register will be returned to students for safekeeping.
  4. After students have completed the requirements listed in Item 1 to Item 7 to a certain stage, they can apply to the class teacher two weeks after the executive committee announces the acceptance of the award application. When the register is submitted, “award criteria" on page 5 to 6 must be filled; the class teacher can conduct evaluations based on the "ideal student characteristics performance" listed in Item 8. After passing the evaluation, the class teacher will transfer the application to the executive committee for review, and award certificates and award money will be presented after approval.




Personal Development Award Scheme 22-23

Personal Development Award Scheme 21-22

Personal Development Award Scheme 20-21

Personal Development Award Scheme 19-20

Personal Development Award Scheme 18-19