SEN Support

Starting from the 08/09 school year, Man Kiu College has applied for the Learning Support Grant for Secondary School from the Education Bureau (EDB) every school year to provide support for students with special learning needs through the whole school approach.



1.Student Support Policy in Whole School Approach


  • All staff members have the responsibility to foster an inclusive teaching environment that caters to the needs of all students;
  • Curriculum adjustment will be performed in each subject group to adjust regular lesson planning to meet various needs;
  •  Adopt a variety of teaching techniques and teaching tools to cater learning differences;
  • Organise strategic study groups, peer tutoring, and circles of friends;
  • Adjust assessment methods to enable students to demonstrate learning outcomes.




2. Inclusive Measures


a. Establish "Student Support Team" to implement student support policy through whole school approach, and

    formulate support plans for students to supervise and monitor the progress of students.

b. According to the guidance of EDB, the school adopted the 3-tier support model:

  • [Tier 1] Early identification and quality teaching in the regular classroom for students with transient or mild learning difficulties;
  • [Tier 2] Additional support for students with persistent learning difficulties;
  • [Tier 3] Intensive individualised support for students with severe learning difficulties.

c.  Learning Support:

  • Provide diversified classes to develop students’ multiple intelligences;
  • Cultivate students' study skills and habits;
  • Provide Individual Education Plans (IEP) for students with severe learning difficulties;
  • Conduct regular assessments and feedback with regard to student progress.

d.  Growth Support:

  • Establish the caring campus culture, such as peer tutoring;
  • Facilitate the participation by different students to ensure that each student can be suited with one’s position and can develop his or her strengths;
  • Organise different activities that enable students to recognise and respect individual differences in order to early identify special learning needs of new students.





Animal assisted therapy 






Emotional therapy 









Students shared the making of floating vases



Engaging students as tutor to assist teachers to make floating vases