School Mission

Our values


Taking "Filial Piety, Fraternity, Loyalty, and Trustworthiness" as the school motto, Man Kiu College provides students with a whole-person education that focuses on five aspects of development, i.e. moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic. Students are hoped to become good citizens who love family and make contribution to society, country and the world.



Our objectives


A. Student Growth


  • Help each student to obtain holistic and individual development in terms of moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic aspects.

  • Help students distinguish right from wrong and establish positive values as well as a positive outlook on life.

  • Help students develop the habit of self-discipline, learn about, accept, and appreciate themselves, build up a healthy personal image, and establish self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Cultivate student awareness for health and interest to take part in recreational and sports activities to enhance their physical and mental fitness.

  • Cultivate students to be friendly and gregarious, respect and care for each other, and establish harmonious and wonderful interpersonal relationships.

  • Cultivate student civic awareness and democratic dispositions, so that they can become good citizens who love family, serve society, care about the development of the motherland, and take a broad view about world affairs.


B. Student Learning


  • Provide core subjects and diversified programmes to help every student master basic knowledge and fundamental skills, including "bi-literacy and trilingualism" in terms of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and computation skills as well as generic skills in the use of information technology to cope with the needs of future study, work and life.

  • Teach students based on their aptitude, and help them with diverse learning abilities to pick up and enjoy a happy learning life.

  • Provide a variety of activities to help students broaden their horizons, cultivate leadership skills, and develop their potentials and interests to strive for progress and excellence.

  • Assist students in developing the spirit of self-study, so they can persistently learn for personal and social development.

  • Assist students to develop the ability to think, innovate and adapt, and solve problems on their own, so that they can adapt to social changes and meet the needs of times.

  • Assist students to develop artistic accomplishments to enrich their quality of life.


C. School Resources


  • In coping with the needs of students, the school provides a favourable and pleasant learning environment.

  • To achieve effective teaching, the school has constantly updated various equipment, teaching materials, and teaching aids to help students master new knowledge and improve learning outcomes.

  • Provide on-the-job training opportunities to encourage teachers to strive for self-improvement of personal virtue as well as further education to improve teaching quality.

  • Our teaching team has a good team spirit and work together to put the school mission into practice.

    The school connects and communicates with parents, alumni and the community, and works in collaboration to cultivate student growth.


D. School Administration


  • Establish effective mechanisms to provide opportunities for teachers to take part in the formulation of school policies so that the school and teachers can work together to implement school policies.

  • Establish communication channels so that parents, students, and staff can all express their opinions on school policies, while a mechanism is also set up that parents can also participate in the formulation of school policies.

  • Allocate work according to expertise, interest, and experience of each and everyone as much as possible, so that the teaching faculty and staff have their own responsibilities and can develop their strengths, thus teaching outcome can be better achieved and school work developed.

  • Various performance indicators are made for school development in order to make continuous improvement through self-reflection and review of the effectiveness of implementation. 

  • Pay attention to changes in all aspects of society and their impacts on school education, actively encourage our staff members to adjust teaching plans based on the unique situation of the school, keep abreast with the times, and accommodate the needs and development of society.



Educational belief


Every student has their own unique strength that shines with glitters.


As long as you try, you make progress and succeed.