Chinese History

The objective of Chinese history is aimed to enable students to:


  1. Understand important historical events, figures and deeds, and general situation of national development and social as well as cultural aspects of China.
  2. Appreciate and analyze relevant historical data, and cultivate the ability to research and study history.
  3. Cultivate favorable moral character, and the sense of identity, belonging, and responsibility among individuals towards the country, nation, and society.
  4. Cultivate the interest in learning Chinese history.


The subject has adopted an inquiry-based learning approach and made good use of information technology to facilitate the extended learning of students in classroom and after school. By offering variety of learning activities, including museum visits, historical site visits, conducting interdisciplinary reading/activities, inter-school competitions, exchanges with schools in Mainland, it is hoped to enhance student interest in learning and cater to their learning diversity.



Photos of learning activities:


“History and Cultural Exploration Tour of North-East China” Overseas Study Tour
“A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum” Visit
“Annual Chinese Historical Figures” Activity
Off-campus online competitions
“Summer History and Culture for Distinguished Students 2019”
Humanity Week: Interdisciplinary booth activity_Lohas Okinawa
Promoting reading: Book Fair on the Brightness of Life
Read and share
Table games