Inter-House Activities

Overall planning


  • The houses committee and sports team will promote inter-house sports events, and strengthen the communication and connection among divisions so that various sports events can be run and held smoothly and effectively.




  • Inter-house sports events include boys' soccer, girls' handball, boys' and girls' basketball, and Sports Day.

  • All members of the four houses will strive with all efforts to achieve good results. The number of points accumulated will determine the ranking of each house at the end of each school year, and the one with the most points will be awarded champion of annual inter-house competitions.





  • At the beginning of each school year, the house committee meeting is convened to help the house masters understand the work for the whole year and competition arrangements. In addition, a preparatory work meeting is held before Sports Day to discuss various arrangements.

  • After the end of annual inter-house competitions, house masters will conduct an annual review to seek room of improvement so as to strive for excellence.