General Computer Science 


The purpose of general computer science is to help build a broad foundation of information technology capabilities for junior secondary students, and enhance their information literacy, so that they are prepared for senior secondary school or future career afterwards as they cope with the society of changing information society.


The programme includes computer systems, spreadsheet software, introduction to programming, STEM programming, computer network, multimedia and web design, and App development and design.


The programme can, at the same time, consider extended learning of students, including inter-subject collaborative study as STEM programme in junior secondary school, and the creation of theme-based learning topics that are based on campus environment. Students can make use of the skills of information technology to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.


Information and Communication Technology


The information and communication technology curriculum is aimed to cultivate senior secondary students with in-depth information technology capabilities, so that they are prepared for future study as well as career development arisen from society. Also, this programme should equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to fully appreciate the rapid development of information and communication technology, and further develop them for intellectual and lifelong learning abilities.


The compulsory sections included within the scope of programme: information processing, fundamentals of computer systems, Internet and its applications, basic programming concepts, and impacts of information and communication technology on society, etc.; for elective sections of the programme, it includes multimedia production and website construction.


The study provides students with extended learning, which includes assisting in organizing Maths week activities and STEAM invitational competitions for Information Day. In addition, students are encouraged to take part in school information technology competitions or lectures, so that they are improve of related skills and broaden horizons.

Photos of study activities


Visit to multinational IT companies  

Participation in joint school computer network competitions


Programming experience activities during Maths week