Inter-Class Activities

The school has set up a Class Management Committee to strengthen communication among discipline and counselling committees as well as form coordinators, conduct mutual communication regarding support measures to enhance students’ growth and stipulate strategies and ensure school policies and related form activities are implemented smoothly. As such, it should help promote students’ holistic development and physical and mental health. Besides, the most distinguishing feature of inter-class activity is that class activities and competitions will be held in accordance with the designated theme of moral education of the school year. 

In addition, each subject and class meeting aims at promoting inter-class activities to help students unleash their potential and develop their talents, promoting a campus culture of equality, respect, harmony, mutual care and mutual assistance and establishing harmonious teacher-student and peer relationships. It should help enhance students’ sense of belonging towards the school.





Junior form Class activities


S4 Class activities


S5 Class activities


S6 Class Activities


School Picnic


Christmas Party

S6 Graduates Run for Future   S6 Farewell Party   S6 Graduation Dinner