Home Economics

Home Economics is a dynamic, interesting, and practical subject that helps students build up favorable interpersonal relationships, and learn how to work with each other and to pick up from and share with each other. The contents of programme are conducted from the simple to hard as based on learning progress.

In class, teachers will encourage students to cherish food, care for environment, share loading of housework, and take good care for their families.



The contents for the entire year are divided into two parts : 


  1. Food and Nutrition ~ Understand the relationship between nutrition, diet and health, and prepare delicious deal of balanced nutrition. For example: S1: stewed egg, fried rice with salmon, coconut cake; S2: fried dumplings, okonomiyaki, rock cake; S3: pizza, green tea cake, gingerbread man, etc.                                                                                                                                   
  2. Needlework, clothing and design~ Students are encouraged to make use of their creativity to produce fabric work. First, students are taught to recognize and cut fabrics. Then, they will learn about various sewing stitches, and the use and skills of sewing machines. Then, they will produce works as pendants, rope backpacks, pencil cases, etc.


Student work:


Baked chicken-wings
Rock cake
Chocolate lava cake
Cooking competition
Sock figures
Woolen doll
Christmas socks
Pen cases
Rope backpacks