Design And Technology Studies



  1. Recognize and apply drawing or computer graphics to express works of design;
  2. Recognize and apply different machines, hand tools, and materials to carry out production activities;
  3. Understand workmanship technology for different technologies;
  4. Appreciate and apply different scientific knowledge to carry out technological learning activities;
  5. Through problem-solving projects, students are cultivated of scientific and artistic literacy;
  6. Integrate and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills as coped with engineering thinking, and also resort to scientific and technological means to innovate invention so as to solve problems in real-life situations.


Student works:


Creative photo-stand by S1


Creative clock by S2


Walking robot by S3





The Life Science and Technology Society partnered with Physics subject to participate in different types of competitions outside school, it helps cultivate student self-learning as they make use of technology literacy and skills to solve various competition problems. As such, they have won many awards in several competitions. For years, they have, as well, won a number of awards in International Robotic Olympiad.


Activites Photo:

Robot Making Workshop for Primary Schools   Multiple Awards in Hong Kong Robotic Olympiad   Multiple Awards in International Robotic Olympiad 2019
16th Infrastructure Building Competition for Secondary Schools   Solar Energy Vehicle Design Competition  

Awards in 19th Green Carnival Creative Eco-model Tournament