Media Coverage


Major media coverage about Man Kiu College in supporting students from grassroots families
From Man Kiu to School of Chinese Medicine, HKU: Special interview of the distinguished student of our school, Lee Wan Ting, Economic Journal (30 September 2021)
Ta Kung Pao: "STEAM Creative Works Competition for Primary Schools"
Sing Tao Daily: Yeung Yan Wah: Invisible music score performance in hand—The visually impaired youth glitters his talents with erhu
Economic Journal: S5 Chu Yong Yee shared her thoughts on graduation ceremony
Ta Kung Pao: S5 Lou Kwok Kin about his thoughts on graduation ceremony
Media report: Alumni Ching Yiu came to serve as guest of honour at the graduation ceremony of her alma mater
Sing Tao Daily: Yeung Yan Wah’s heart to see the future --- The music dream of a diligent young man 
Principal of Man Kiu College works with every effort to discover the shining talents of students
Media reports: Yeung Yan Wah won the Good Student Award
Sing Tao Daily: The production of VR teaching materials by Life and Society subject for students to conduct virtual outdoor observation
Ming Pao: Excellent teaching performances by the outstanding teaching team of Man Kiu College
Ta Kung Pao: S5 Chan Lok Lam shared her thoughts on the graduation ceremony
Apple Daily: Principal Chow Fu Hung’s analysis on questions of Chinese Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 of HKDSE
Ming Pao, Economic Journal, Ta Kung Pao, and Sing Tao covered that visually impaired students were admitted to Man Kiu College for education
Ta Kung Pao: Dr. Joseph Sung Jao Yiu encourages Graduates of Man Kiu College
Wen Wei Po: Man Kiu Reality TV Show Interaction -- Mutual Understanding between Teachers and Students"
Report by Economic Journal on “The Taste of Education"
Man Kiu College from Hong Kong paid a visit to visits Jinjiang -- The featured buildings make students curious"
Economic Daily: "Life Planning Is More Than Juvenile Affairs -- Parents and Children Work to Create Future Hand in Hand"
Economic Journal: “Identity Exchange Dancing Out Miracle"
Ta Kung Pao:"English Learning"
Ming Pao: "Elizabeth Wong Chien Chi-lien presents the key to learning English well to teachers and students of Man Kiu College"
"Back to Basic English"
Economic Journal: "My Teacher As My Student?"
Economic Journal: Five "News" upon Graduation Ceremony (Part 2)"
Ta Kung Pao: Tsang Tsz Kwan 'Kisses a World of Her Own in Man Kiu"
Sing Tao Daily: Man Kiu College Adds Unpopular Elective Courses Across Schools
ATV: Schools find other ways to subsidize study tours for students in addition to government funding
Ming Pao: Integrated funding from various institutions to support students on two study tours in 6 years
 Sing Tao Dail interviews with principals
Campus TodaY: Teacher Wong Yuk-kei ‘s demonstration class using brain-based teaching method
Ming Pao: Examinee Carelessly Review Questions over DSE Mathematics Exercise Paper
Sing Tao Daily": the school's "Create Tomorrow" activity to develop multiple intelligences