Healthy School

The school attaches great importance to the healthy growth of our students in terms of physical, mental and social development. Our Student Growth Support Committee is responsible for planning lessons and activities to promote a healthy school culture. From 2011 to 2016, the school had participated in QEF Thematic Network (QTN) on Healthy Schools organised by the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and had successfully passed the certification and was awarded the Healthy School Silver Award (2013-14). We have become a Resource School twice, whose achievement has been widely affirmed by the public.

In addition to cultivating students' healthy life and behaviour, we hope to share those experiences with more schools and maintain mutual assistance with the community.



1."Between Whims" -- Life Education
2. Class building activities: S4 Inter-class competition "I Can Fly"
3."Alluring Network" Workshop
4.Exchange with Sister School: "Science in Masks"
5. Won the Silver Award of " Harmonious School Appreciation Activity 2019-2020"
6. World Heart Day 2020 – Run for Heart 
7. Emerging Sports Day
8. Pocari Sweat Health Education Group -- Polar Heart-rate Monitor for School Physical Fitness Test
9. Interactive Theater of Emotion Education "Healthy Administrator"
10. Online Backpack Run 2021 of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups  
11. Civic Education Drama as "Drug Comes and Goes" Anti-drug Musical
12. Promotion Day of Health School