Citizen And Social Development



The objective of Citizenship and Social Development are to help students:

Deepen their understanding towards society, country, the world and material environment and its related knowledge connotation;


Multi-perspective understanding for well-developed and contemporary issues that have showed frequently in different perspectives (e.g. cultural, social, economic, political and technological);


Become an independent thinker, so that one can construe knowledge in coping with personal, social, national and global circumstances of changing contexts, understand the complexity of topics, decision-making processes, and challenges confronted so that students can come up with legitimate analyses, and learn to deal with mutually conflicting values;


Inherit Chinese cultural traditions in a pluralistic society, deepen one’s understanding and identification towards Chinese nationality and citizenship, and appreciate, respect and accept different cultures and viewpoints;


Develop competencies related to lifelong learning, and enhance the ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, including critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, data processing, self-management, self-learning, and application of IT capabilities;


Establish positive values ​​as well as a positive attitude towards life, and become an informed and responsible citizen of the society, the country, and the world.




Objective of Liberal Studies:


Liberal Studies is aimed to:

Deepen student understanding towards themselves, society, country and the world;


Help students develop multi-perspective deliberation by dealing with contemporary issues that have frequently showed up in different contexts (e.g. cultural, social, economic, political);


Help students become independent thinkers, so that they can construct knowledge in face of constantly changing personal and social environment;


Help students develop competencies related to lifelong learning, including critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, communication, and the use of IT technology;


Help students appreciate and respect the diversity of culture and perspective in a diversified society, and learn to deal with mutually conflicting values; and


Help students build up and reflect on personal values, so that they can come out with choices and decision that can ultimately lead them to become informed and responsible citizens of the society, the country, and the world.



Programme Features of Citizenship/Liberal Studies:


  1. To enrich student knowledge, the school invite external groups to give special lectures to students, such as: “Wan Chai and Blue House key-note lecture on “Wan Chai and Blue House: Community Development and Community Conservation” and “Interactive Talk as Focus on Grassroots Elderly” to deepen student understanding towards the issues.
  2. To broaden the learning experience of students, teachers encourage students to join off-campus activities or competitions. In recent years, students have participated in “Key to the Future” Short Video Competition, Financial Management and Anti-fraud Video Competition, National Day Online Quiz Competition, National Constitution Day Online Quiz Competition, Nes and Basic Law Quiz Competition and ICAC iTeen Leadership Programme for senior secondary. These events have helped students to broaden their horizons and apply what they have learned.
  3. To consolidate the examination skills for S6 students, the school has arranged two classes to help students with their question-answering skills every week, which focus on teaching students about answering skills for Paper 2, and guide them to answer questions of public examinations.


Activity highlights and quality schoolwork:


S6 Joint-school mock examination
Participation of online forums
Hold booth event
Museum visit
Chief Executive Simulated Election
Mind-mapping of liberal studies
Concept map of student
Anti-drug poster design competition



Competition category and organizers Awards achieved

Art Intelligence - Hong Kong Bauhinia Cup Painting Competition

(Organized by Hong Kong Multiple Intelligence Education Association)

Cheung Sik Ling from S5 Lai-class received the golden award, Cheung Chak Ho and Tai Ka Yik from S5 Yan-class received the silver award, Tang Kwok Ban from S5 Yan-class received the creative award

“Basic Law and Me” Poster Design Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students in Hong Kong

(Organized by Youth·Travel)

Mak Pui Yee from S4 Lai-class won the most popular online award (secondary school category) and merit award