Diversified Learning Programme



The school provides students with opportunities to extensively participate in diverse learning experiences related to moral and civic education, social services, and work-related experiences to broaden their horizons, cultivate their life-long interests, and develop positive values and attitudes. The school emphasizes whole-person development of students and is committed to equip students to become life-long learners.


Diversified Learning Programme 

To further help students develop their potentials and enhance their learning motivation, the school holds a series of interest classes for S2 to S5 students in the second term, and there will be 10 periods for each interest class. Each student can participate in one of the classes every year, so that students can, by taking part in a variety of activities, experience the knowledge and abilities required by different activities, and thereby develop their own potentials and experience the joy of learning. Of these Interest classes, they include English Drama, Balloon Sculpting course, Keyboard piano class, Go Interest course, Japanese course, Graffiti, Western Percussion, Chinese and Western Cuisine, K-Pop Dance, Computer coding course, STEAM Guitar course and Hike running course etc.



  Diversified Learning Programme   


Chinese and Western Cuisine

Pop Band

American Pool

 Western percussion


STEAM hand making guitar