Student Learning Experiences

Student learning experiences


Career planning is a lasting process to achieve goals at different stages of life. Through life planning education provided by the school, students can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to equip students' knowledge to understand themselves, enable students' personal planning, goal setting, self-reflection and revision. Most importantly, students can then make wise choices for further education and employment based on their interests, abilities, and orientations.


Learning Experience Profile for Junior Secondary School


To cope with life planning education, the school has started to implement junior secondary student-learning profile for S1 since 2017. The content includes grade sheets, extra-curricular activities, award records and teacher-led final reflections. It is hoped that the student-learning profile can systematically record the learning experiences at junior secondary school, review and reflect on the learning process, and help students plan their learning goals and career directions for senior secondary school. The general outline will be sent to parents at S4, whereas all parties concerned will review jointly with the students to help them plan study life at senior secondary and set down precise goals of further studies and career pathways in the future.


Learning Experience Profile for Senior Secondary School


With the implementation of the new senior secondary school structure in 2009, the school has then introduced Student Learning profile (SLP) for the first time, which enables students to organize and record their diverse learning experiences inside and outside class. The purpose of the file is to encourage students to actively participate in activities inside and outside school, reflect on their own learning process, and enrich their experience for further education as well as career pathways. The school teachers will regularly review files with students to help students reflect on their personal plans and set down life goals.


Career Planning activities for junior students - Share with each other after event.
Self-reflection through interactive games of career planning
Prepare Junior Student Learning Profile for every S4 student to help them plan their senior secondary school life


Other learning experiences


The school attaches great importance to the balanced development of students, and is committed to enhancing student performance in subjects and performances of "other learning experiences" as a whole, and promoting the whole-person development of students. Aside from applied learning programmes as established in school for students to choose based on their interests in the senior secondary stage, diversified learning programmes are also designed in the second term of the regular curriculum, so that all school students can choose other learning experiences from different areas.


Category Classroom Learning Outside the Classroom

Moral and Civic Education

Morning assembly, weekly assembly, class teacher period, and so on.

Exchange groups from sister schools, and other overseas study groups, blood donation day, casual wear day, etc.

Volunteer Service Learning

For S2 and S4  Visit to elderly and the mentally handicapped, and participation in social service experiences organized by different organizations

Visit elderly, mentally handicapped. Participate in various social services through different organizations.

Work-related experience

Career Planning Activities and Lectures, Career Lectures and Institutional Visits, Work Internship in Summer

Vocational Seminars, company visits and summer job tasting programme

Artistic development

Senior secondary school music and visual arts classes, pop music bands, graffiti classes, make-up classes, western percussion instruments, marching bands, visual arts society, dance groups, and participation in various concerts

Marching band, Visual Art Club, Dance Club, participate in various concerts

Sports development

Sports Day: Work with different organizations to introduce various emerging sports or competitions, etc.

Participate in inter-school ball games, inter-community sports competitions on campus, and various competitions held outside the school



Social service: Volunteer service by S2
Work-Related experience: Visit to Chinese Culinary Institute
Art Development: Diversified learning-Piano class for beginner
Physical development: Demonstration class of lacrosse
Moral and Civic Education: Online communication with Xiamen No. 5 Middle School