Physical Education

Physical education is the "education conducted through physical activity." It helps students to develop the skills required for different types of physical activities, learn about activities and safety, and develop active and healthy lifestyles. Physical education emphasizes building positive values ​​and attitudes, enhancing self-confidence, and developing generic skills as collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and appreciation of beauty. As such, it is reckoned as an important foundation for lifelong learning as well as life-wide learning.




The subject focused on athletic activities, such as learning "sports skills" and improving physical fitness as top priority. Then, the scope of five areas of learning respectively as "health and physical fitness", "sports-related values ​​and attitudes", "safety knowledge and practice” , “activity knowledge” , and “beauty appreciation ability” are introduced at the appropriate point of time.


Features of school programme:


Junior secondary:


  • Within the scope of at least 8 kinds of different physical activities, students can, in no less than 4 items of activities, can apply those basic skills in activities through games and competitions;
  • Actively and regularly participate in at least 1 item of sports co-curricular activity;
  • Apply theory and training principles of physical activity to formulate a health fitness plan;
  • Demonstrate proper etiquette and sportsmanship in sports activities.


Senior Secondary:


  • Demonstrate the ability to participate in several physical activities;
  • Actively and regularly participate in at least 1 item of sports co-curricular activity;
  • Analyze sports performance from multiple perspectives, and evaluate the effectiveness of health and fitness plan;
  • Make use of problem-solving skills in the context of physical education;
  • Serve as a sports leader or junior coach in school and community; and
  • Demonstrate perseverance, sportsmanship, and courage to confront difficulties in daily life.


Content sharing:


Division activities: Invite different sports associations to school for sports promotion and demonstrations, hold intra-school competitions and inter-class activities, and participate in different extra-school competitions


Student work: Brain-mapping