S1 Summer Activities

The school has partnered with Parent-Teacher Association to organise summer activities such as “Create Tomorrow” for our new students every summer from mid-to-late July.


Objectives: To enhance students' interest in learning, inspire personal potential, build up interpersonal relationships, and strengthen their sense of belonging to the school.


Subjects: STEAM World, Fun Cooking, New World of Arts, Campus English, Fun Chinese, Practical Mathematics, Ball Games, etc.



"Create Tomorrow" summer event: Closing Ceremony is conducted in small groups under the pandemic




Interesting Chinese – Either static or dynamic


Grouping activities - Teamwork


New World of Art – Demonstrate Highlights


Campus English – Learn and Use


Fun Cooking - Full of color, aroma, and taste


Group Games - Enhance Communication


Practical Mathematics - Mind Training


Healthy Campus - Exercise to Strengthen Physical Fitness