English Programme Plan (2010-2011)


1. Major Concerns

To enhance English learning and teaching.
To prepare for the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure.
To develop moral and civic education.


2. Implementation Plan


To enhance English learning and teaching

Provide students with a stimulating English learning environment
• Encourage students to communicate orally in English; e.g. Say It Right Year-round Programme.
• Arrange split-class teaching in S.3, S.6 & S.7 Oral lessons;
• Arrange split-class teaching in S.4 & S.5 NSS Writing & Speaking lessons;
• Organise regular English activities for different levels in the campus; e.g. Story-telling, Book Sharing, Song Dedication, Movie Appreciation
• Provide students opportunities to participate in competitions or activities within or outside school; e.g. Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, Drama Appreciation
• Praise students for their efforts and help build positive attitudes towards learning English


Establish clear classroom routines and procedures
• Adhere strictly to the school policy with regard to classroom management and discipline; e.g. Classroom Diary, Assignment Collection, and Value-Added Class Arrangement
• Create an environment of respect and rapport
• Provide frequent, timely and meaningful feedback to students to foster learning
• Reflect upon student learning to assess teaching effectiveness
• Change classroom displays regularly to ensure that all students have the opportunity to display their best work at some time during the year
• Award merit points or certificates for those who perform well; e.g. submit assignment on time, bring all necessary materials to class


Formulate plans and strategies to cater for learner diversity
• Arrange split class teaching
• Conduct enhancement and remedial courses after school and on Saturdays
• Design lessons and develop resources that address multiple learning needs
• Design activities that promote interest, participation and learning for students at all ability levels
• Promote reading atmosphere and cultivate students’ reading habits


Enhance teacher professionalism
• Foster good teaching practices through collaborative lesson preparation and peer lesson observation
• Build up a pool of teaching resources accessible to fellow teachers
• Attend staff development workshops within and outside school; e.g. on Effective Questioning Techniques, Individual Learner Differences
• Collaborate with the EDB Language Learning Support Section

2 To prepare for the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure

To prepare for and implement the NSS curriculum
• Set up a resource bank on NSS curriculum on school intranet
• Develop and implement measures on matters relating to NSS curriculum
• Facilitate teachers to attend appropriate NSS seminars, training courses and workshops
• Prepare teaching materials for both compulsory and elective modules
• Help students appreciate language arts
• Develop Student Learning Profile
• Strengthen student ability to adapt to NSS curriculum
• Hire an ELT consultant to facilitate the development of school-based curriculum


To develop moral and civic education


Integrate elements of value education into learning activities
• Above all, have respect for oneself, for others, for the school, and for the country
• Encourage students to be a responsible and considerate person (Priority values: Responsibility and Caring)
• Encourage students to develop a proactive learning attitude (Priority values: Commitment and Perseverance)
• Relate priority values to everyday life events and classroom activities
• Create learning experiences that make the priority values meaningful to the students
• Help students set up positive goals and learning strategies through student learning portfolio

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